Edited by Nicholas Fisher, translated from the Japanese by Yutaka Tanaka, with essays by Nicholas Fisher and William Woodall, and published by John Wiley & Sons, February 2019:
The Industrial Application of
Statistical Quality Control
by Homer M. Sarasohn


From the publisher’s description:

This book represents a remarkable contribution, even by today’s standards, because of its contemporary thinking about the relationship between the specific topic of Statistical Quality Control and the broader company context of Quality Management…. 

It also helps to correct wide-spread historical misconceptions about who specifically was responsible for helping Japanese industry get back on its feet post-war, a task assigned to General Douglas MacArthur by President Truman, and how MacArthur was indebted to Homer Sarasohn.

Dr. Nicholas Fisher, founder of ValueMetrics Australia, presents this book and its significance this summer as a featured speaker at the Joint Statistical Meetings in Denver, Colorado, the largest gathering of statisticians and data scientists held in North America.


In 1946, at age 29, Homer Sarasohn began playing a pioneering role in the development of quality management in Japan. The movement that he and his colleagues initiated spread throughout Japanese industry and indeed across the globe.

The letters, memos, interviews, speeches, articles, book excerpts, and photos available through this site provide a glimpse into a significant moment in history — and into the character of one man who made his contribution to a better world.