Contact the Library of Congress for access to materials archived at if not already linked to .pdf files on this site.

For additional materials, see the Kenneth Hopper Papers on Management archived at the Drucker Institute at Claremont Graduate University.

The Kenneth Hopper Papers on Management include original correspondence, manuals, memoirs and other documents related to the Civil Communications Section (CCS) under General MacArthur’s command in Tokyo after World War II.

from the National Archives (.pdf files)
331.43 Records of the SCAP Civil Communications Section, 1945-1951
A Proposal for a Management Training Course for the Communications Manufacturing Industry July 1949
The Need for a Management Training Course in the Communications Manufacturing Industry August 1949
Management Indoctrination Course for the
Telecommunications Manufacturing Industry
January 1950
On the origin of the CSS training course
by Charles W. Protzman
February 1950
Report on CCS Operations to Western Electric (.pdf files)
Report on Activity with the Occupation Forces
in Japan: November 1948 to May 1950
by Charles W. Protzman
Additional notes
by Homer Sarasohn

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