Contact the Library of Congress for access to materials archived at if not already linked to .pdf files on this site.

For additional materials, see the Kenneth Hopper Papers on Management archived at the Drucker Institute at Claremont Graduate University.

The Kenneth Hopper Papers on Management include original correspondence, manuals, memoirs and other documents related to the Civil Communications Section (CCS) under General MacArthur’s command in Tokyo after World War II.

  • America’s World Leadership Revisited
  • The Battle for Market Share
  • CCS: An Agency [for Progress] Through Change
  • Criteria for Managers
  • The Evolution of Japanese Product Quality
  • Hiroshima Prelude
    (unpublished article on the release of the atomic bomb)
  • Japan in Mid-Passage
    (Bata Conference)
  • Japan’s Progress in Power: From Industrial to Economic
  • The Japanese Advantage in the Marketplace: The Challenge of the ’90s
  • The Japanese Style of Management
  • Management Perspectives: Looking Back, Looking Forward
  • Post-War Japan: The Birth of an Industrial Power [audio]
  • Progress Through a Commitment to Quality
  • The Prophet [Profit] of Change
    (printed as Chapter 7: “The Return of the Herald Angel” in Deming: The Way We Knew Him, by Frank Voehl
  • Quality, Innovation, and Learning
  • Re-Building the Post-War Japanese Communications Industry
    (extract from interview with Myron Tribus)
  • Retrospective
  • Shewhart
  • Total Quality Management

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