Contact the Library of Congress for access to materials archived at if not already linked to .pdf files on this site.

For additional materials, see the Kenneth Hopper Papers on Management archived at the Drucker Institute at Claremont Graduate University.

The Kenneth Hopper Papers on Management include original correspondence, manuals, memoirs and other documents related to the Civil Communications Section (CCS) under General MacArthur’s command in Tokyo after World War II.

(.pdf files)
from Brigadier General George Back August 1950
from Proceedings of
the Institute of Radio Engineers
October 1950
to Editor, New York Times September 1985
to Malcolm Trevor July 1988
to Myron Tribus July 14, 1988
from Myron Tribus July 20, 1988
to Akio Morita April 1990
to Clare Crawford-Mason August 1990
to Lloyd Dobyns August 1990
from Lloyd Dobyns October 1990
to Lloyd Dobyns October 1990
to Hakim Mohammed Said April 1991
to Tetsuro Nakaoka June 1991
from Masaharu Matsushita May 1993

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