Scottsdale, AZ
with Myron Tribus
archived with the Kenneth Hopper Papers on Management at the Drucker Institute at Claremont Graduate University.
[streaming: Claremont: [parts 1 & 2] • [part 3]
[streaming: Deming Institute: [parts 1 & 2]
July 02, 1988
Scottsdale, AZ
with Myron Tribus
July 02, 1988
AT&T Quality History Project • Short Hills, NJ
with Jeff Sturchio
American Society for Quality
Quality Information Center • Milwaukee, WI
May 19, 1989
(audio files are 128-bit .mp3 files with minor editing and noise removal except as noted)
KTKK Talk Radio • Provo, UT
with Martin Tanner
July 18, 1990
Scottsdale, AZ
with Lisa Sarasohn
October 1992

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